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Tulsa Bone and Joint Associates Opens New Healthy Bones Center

More than 54 million Americans have either osteoporosis or low bone density.  One in two women and one in four men over the age of 50 will break a bone, due to osteoporosis. Yet only two in 10 bone breaks obtain a follow-up test or treatment for osteoporosis.

  • 2 million bone breaks occur annually due to osteoporosis
  • 1/2 of women and up to 1/4 of men over age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis
  • Every year, nearly 300,000 people break their hip: 1/4 end up in nursing homes, 1/2 never regain previous function and 1/4 die within the first year after breaking their hip
  • 50% of osteoporosis-related repeat bone breaks in older adults can be prevented with appropriate treatment
  • Most people who have hip fractures had a previous break!

The Healthy Bones Center opened on August 5, 2014, with the goal of educating patients about bone health and the prevention, as well as treatment, of osteoporosis. The center provides full exams and blood work to create a complete plan of care for patients. In addition to the experienced physicians on staff, the Center’s Physician Assistant is one of the most qualified in the state.  Mary Battoe recently received her FLS (Fracture Liaison Service) certification from the National Osteoporosis Society and is currently the only certified fracture care liaison in Oklahoma.

Battoe explains the goal behind the Healthy Bones Center opening:

“Because osteoporosis is most often diagnosed only after you have suffered a broken bone, the Tulsa Bone and Joint Healthy Bones Center focuses on fracture prevention.  The goal is to identify and treat osteoporosis in our patients, thereby decreasing the chance someone may break a bone from a future ground level fall. This is accomplished through screening and evaluation of individuals who may have risk factors but have not yet had a fracture. We also have a system in place to identify, evaluate and treat individuals within our practice who have a history of a fracture from a ground level fall.”

Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle or fragile due to loss of tissue caused by hormonal changes, calcium or vitamin D deficiency.  The bones can become weak and may break easily.

The staff at the Healthy Bones Center can help identify risk factors and create a customized plan to help lower the risk and focus on prevention. Women older than 50 are the most at risk for osteoporosis.  Some risk factors that can be controlled include:

  • Poor Diet
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Smoking
  • Medications
  • Low Body Weight


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