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Bone Density Testing

A bone density test is an aid to your doctor in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Since there are rarely signs of the disease until a lot of bone mass has been lost, this test can assist your doctor in helping you keep your bones healthy and prevent a fracture. This test is performed with you lying on a long table. All you need to do is to lie still and breathe normally.

You should not take any calcium supplements or Fosamax the day before your test, or on the day of your appointment. On the day of your scan, you should not drink milk or juices that are fortified with calcium. (You may resume all of these the day of your appointment, following your test). Osteoporosis can result in a crippling and painful fracture. Knowing your bone density can allow you and your physician to take steps to help prevent those fractures.

For more information, visit the National Osteoporosis Foundation.


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